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Child Sexual Abuse—A frequently practiced type of child Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse—A frequently practised type of child Abuse

Child abuse refers to the term where a child is being abused through specific patterns and behaviours of parents, caregivers, teachers and other adults around. Child abuse effects on a child are sometimes way too dangerous and can easily spoil a child's personality. Before, discussing the child abuse effects on a child's life, we need to understand the different types of child abuse that prevails in our society.
Children are not born for Child Abuse

Types of Child Abuse:
Physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological/mental abuse and sexual abuse are some of the common types of child abuse. Hence, such deliberate behaviours of adults or the caregivers that lead the child towards emotional disturbance and failure in life are categorised under child abuse.
Different child abuse organisations are working on this important social issue affecting many innocent lives. To highlight this social evil April is child abuse month, to join hands to promote the social emotional and physical well-being of children. A number of articles have been written based on abuse stories to highlight the child abuse effects and its prevalence in different societies especially in underdeveloped countries. So often, we heard people talking about child abuse and neglect, child molestation, child molesters but again we are hardly aware of their actual meaning and the stories behind them. This is the dilemma of our society that we are interested listening to the abuse stories but what are the consequences of them and how the victim is surviving with them, that is what most of us don't bother paying attention to.

Child Molestation—the most common type of Child Abuse:
However, child molestation is one of the commonly prevailing type of child abuse around us. Rape or Sexual touching are not the 'only' signs of child sexual abuse; oral sex, sex talk, unethical jokes with a child, showing child one's own private parts or any sexual video, image etc are all the common signs of child abuse which falls under the category of child molestation or child sexual abuse. It should be noted that more than half percentage of children who are the victim of child molestation do not disclose that they are being abused and remain unreported.

Immediate Physical Effects of child molestation:
The severity of the effects of child abuse varies from child to child depending upon many possible factors, that I will discuss later. Talking about the immediate possible physical effects after child sexual abuse, parents or caretakers of children should consider some definite physical changes in the child. Apart from changes in genital areas of the body (itching, infection, injury etc) there are other visible physical effects caused by child molestation. For instance, if a child is showing difficulty in walking, having stomach cramps, eating disorder, nausea, and other gastrointestinal disturbances then you must take a serious notice of it to investigate the actual cause behind such disturbances. Furthermore, Pain, tearing of tissues, cuts, injuries on any parts of the body for 'unknown cause' and the child is unable to explain it properly are some other effects of child sexual abuse.

Emotional effects of child molestation:
Children who are the victim of child abuse also start showing emotional disturbances that should not be ignored in any case. For example,
-Thumb Sucking
-Inappropriate behaviours (self injurious, picking behaviours, aggravated state etc)
-Speech problems
-Sleep disturbances
-Eating Disorder
innocence cannot be abused
-Academic problems
-Lack of interest and concentration
-Aggressive sexual behaviour with peers
-Lack of confidence

These are some of the signs of child sexual abuse to identify it at an early stage and to protect your child from possible severe and intense effects in adulthood that can even lead to the death of your child. .Educating your child about sexual abuse is by no means a harmful thing it can save your child from future consequences. You must give basic education about sexual abuse and try to give your children a healthy environment because every child deserve a happy and peaceful childhood.

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