Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Friendship—of monkey friends

Life is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs in life and you have got to live it up on your feet no matter what. Friends are an important part of our life. Sometimes its friends who help you to get out of the toughest situations of your life even when your family has lost all their hopes. There is hell out of a difference between love and friendship. There are uncountable quotes on friendship and it is commonly said that it lasts forever.
Friends are of different types belonging from different cultures, family background and having different nature. Likewise, some friends are just like a monkey. And those who have monkey friends are so fortunate to have them in their life. Talking about this special category of friends, let me tell you here that such friends are one of the bright colors of your life. They came into your life out of nowhere and makes your life beautiful in no time. The friendship of monkey friends is just like the priceless treasure and at an initial stage of your friendship you don't have even a slightest hint of they being such an adorable being, for they have managed very well to give a lie to a statement that friends are there to understand you. No! Monkey friends fight with you, they argue as much as they can, they just give you a damn whenever you get angry but still they have got something special in them that makes you stick around them always. The friendship of monkey friends does not revolve around taking care, giving love and being around 24/7. It's a special kind of bond that they share with you. They have got a number of reasons to fight with you, they have got reasons to get mad at you and then they laugh it off to raise your wrath even more.
But you know what makes them special? It is their kind heart and the love for you that they do not show/express ever but you can feel the warmth of it. Monkey friends will support you when you need them the most. Interestingly enough, they are aware of your motives. They are aware of everything that you want. And this is the special trait of monkey friends that they do not want to expose themselves but they keep exploring you time to time.
Monkeys are the best friends
Monkey friends are a little more than best friends. They are not your spouse or a beloved but once you start loving them into your life takes a U-turn and all of a sudden you feel like everything has just changed. But, this is not the kind of love that prevails commonly in your society. It is the special kind of love that has gotten motherly affection, a father's care, a brother's anger, a sister's hankering and a beloved's sentiment.

Fortunately I have got a monkey friend in my life as well. Despite of all the fights, arguments and disputes, I affirm that you have got a special place in my life. I didn't tell you ever before but yes I do love you. I hereby confess that I love you with all my soul, with all my heart and from all ME. I love you or your ultimateness. I love you for being you, the way you are and I love you for the way WE are.

Monkey-The Down right Love
I don't want to let go of this soul sibling relationship ever! Should I add more to it? I just can't get over you after every fight, your mere existence is all to my support even when I know that you have got all the skills to come up with something that will totally crack me down and drive me crazy to slaughter you with all the powers I have, you're a special part of me. Yes monkey, its 13th and its been a year of this journey that starts from you being the poker and I being the weirdest sister ever. IMISSYOU!

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