Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Love, Lust or infatuation? Purity of Pure Love!

Love is a feeling which can change your life all of a sudden, a very common & frequently used sentence it is. Let's just be more specific over here & talk all about the love that has forced Romeo to fall for Juliet, that has forced Edward Cullen to get control on all his vampires desires for Bella Swan (quite a lame one!). The love of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. The love of shuzika and Nobita and the list goes on and on.

The common perception about LOVE is that it is a feeling that starts giving you goose bumps once you see your crush or beloved around. And sometimes it’s just a single thought of your loved one that generates a sensation in you which allows you to feel comfortable, safe and flying high, yes high above the skies!
I don’t believe that there is someone around in this era, which is not aware of the enchantment and the attraction of love. Even a student of standard four feels himself falling for the little girl who sits behind her in the classroom. People living in mad house known as retards have loved someone in their life at least for once. The love of the wife of his husband is one of the purest examples of this enchanting sensation. Handicapped have found himself falling for the pretty lady who come to visit his father in disability center. The man sitting on the roadside is in love with the most pretty lady of his life. Even the vulnerable population who does not have a single penny in their pocket, love someone with all their heart and soul. The purpose of mentioning these examples is to elaborate the phrase that 'love is in the air'. Love is everywhere. You cannot jib the idea of falling in love even if you try as hard as you can NO! You cannot run away you cannot escape from the charisma of this captivating and alluring feeling. In other words, love is deep-rooted it human nature. You cannot deny it at any cost.

Do you Love or Love makes you love it?
Here the question arises, either you fall in love at your own without any compulsion from outer or inner force? Or you just make it happen to you by forcing yourself to love anyone? A true love, a pure love is something that does not demand even a single positive point to care for someone to give all your affection to a random person who has been around for such a long time or who just stepped in your life just a moment ago. But you have got to decide here that either your love falls under the category of pure love or its just the infatuation, crush, obsession, craze or lust, maybe!

Love or infatuation?
Most of us has made an image in our mind of our ideal, for our better half and one day we see that image in reality right in front of us. And the story begins here. That person tends out to be the most adorable person having all the desirable characteristics in him. We start living on cloud nine with that person leaving the world behind.
Day, night, morning evening it's just that particular person who is around us. And one day we wake up and find that the person has stepped out of our life, taking few silent steps and leaving big scars on our life. We cry, we feel ourself unworthy, we shout we scream we become isolated and in the end we pray a lot to get that person back in ours. Time is the best healer, and you cannot stick to a point for so long in this modern age then a point comes when you lose the importance and value of that person and till the time when that person comes back to you, your charm has just ended for that particular person who once was the love of your life. So? At this point you are compelled to think that either it was even love or not? If not then what it was? It was infatuation, lust, attraction and obsession but it was not Love!

What Love is!
If loving a person caring for each other spending all the time with each other was not love then what was it? Love is a name of giving. Love is name of keep giving until you're left with your last breath. Love is the name of respecting your self-respect and giving value to your own self. Love is the name of loving a person who does not have even a single desirable trait but you have got a strong feeling of affection for that person, without expecting a single moment from that person's life. Love is the name of giving space. Love is being with friends with your beloved. Love is the name of purity. Purity of thoughts, purity of soul and purity of your feelings. Love is the name of having self-awareness. That love is what makes you negate the negative self-talk. Love is hearing the silence and understanding the smile. Love is the name of letting go and giving your beloved the freedom to be himself/herself. Love is feeling good about yourself for loving others. This love can make you love your world. This love can make you love your Creator who created you and your beloved. Love forced you to obey your Lord to serve Him in the best possible way to please Him. Love is the name of grooming yourself like the way your beloved wants. Love is having an insight of your inner and purifying your outter. You do not expect anything in return and at times you don't even reveal your feelings, yourself to your beloved you just keep loving yourself and that person like a mad. Like a sheer silence in a crowded room. Like the colors of the butterfly and just like the water that flows from the waterfalls. Love does not demand getting together, spending time, sharing problems, talking heart outs, listening jokes! Love is understanding, a silent prayer and all your ears that hear the silence of that person whom you love with all your heart.

Love is just like this water drop, and the redness is the charm, shining diamonds and sparkle of this charismatic feeling. This water drop reflects all the highness and beauty of this enchanting feeling but it is pure from all the dirt. Love is peace, love is you, love is me! 

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