Tuesday, 13 August 2013

When Dreams Become Reality And Heart Gets Broken

And then we live our dreams. We all have some. But there are some dreams which are far away from reality. Beyond the fantasies. Unrealistic approaches. Something you can only live in your dreams. And what happens when those dreams turn out to be a reality. Either it is for a Sec, for a day, for a moment or for a year. But when such unrealistic approaches turn out to be the beautiful reality you just can’t convince yourself that you’re living it. And you don’t even realize that when the time passed and those
dreams become unrealistic once again. Yes you had already lived them.
There is always someone who brings your own attention so you can change your own life. May be that’s what we both are. Miracles do happen. Someone who is probably the most annoying person you've ever met becomes the most important person you’ll ever meet. Not because they care, they love, they believe in you. Interestingly enough, just because that person tear down your walls, shake you up, tear apart your ego, hurt yourself respect and broke you into little pieces. Too painful? Noah. Thankfully, such persons come into your life to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and yes of course then leave to live their own life. Leaving you desperate. Sigh!
Heartbreaks leaves us hollow , empty from inside , something that keeps attacking us every day, every hour and every second , something that won't just go , it will stay with us , within us and captivate our souls , and the more you repel it the more it will get hold of you! Heart breaks do have the same physical effects as during an accident , it's a proven fact. But as long as you have got the strength to transform your life, heartbreaks are the blessings.
Yes, it feels like you’re being played all that time. It hurts being a toy. It hurts being ignored and taken for granted. Yes nobody cares. They don’t give value to your emotions. Your feelings. So why worry? Why keep holding on to something that just simply don’t want to come. Having someone because you want to be with them and they don’t want to be around, is more painful and miserable than a heart break other way round. Let’s heal ourselves for good and transform it from a new direction and a new start.
It happens. And it happened. You lived it. You become glad that you pulled this off together. Those few days have been heck of an amazing time. Best friends. Are we? Or may be a bit more than best friends. We’re not an example of what everybody wants. But sometimes no matter how hard you try to hold on you have to give up to save yourself, your worth your ego and your self respect. In the end, a never ending story will get an end. Because it has to end this way. And, You quit!

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