Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Replacements~Salt to our wounds.

Since my birth I’ve been living with these small emotional impulses which are at times quite weird. People around me on the other hand barely even recognize these little impulses as emotions, but to be honest that is what they are. One of these tiny emotions, the feeling of being attached leading towards twinges of attraction and then petty annoyance, is quite witty even to my own self.
Sometimes when you suppress your emotions, it explodes your face, making you fragile, that is when I want to ask, ITNI KOJI HORAE HO KISI SE HATE HOGAYA HAI KYA? #JustSomePakistaniAds

But what happens when you keep telling exactly what you are feeling? Once you're done telling that you'll be there always because they've won it all you're going to get is a replacement. It happens so fast. In a spur of a moment, best friends become strangers.

And it just happened. This isn’t something you can wrap, throw away in the garbage, wear your slippers and walk over it. This is not even bilawal’s urdu that you laugh over it and say ‘ignorance is a bliss’.  This..is..REAL as much as your existence. Why do they play on broken strings when all they are going to do is to leave you with your insecurities and questions? Why charm gets evaporated? Why words lost their meanings? Why you lost the interest? WHAT EXACTLY DID HAPPEN? Nobody can answer that, but the one who knows it.
Till when these mood swings, sensitivity and immaturity will not get a kind protection. They say be original, get real, and then why being real always take them away. Why pretense and hypocrisy wins?

I really have not learned anything, have I?

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