Saturday, 30 August 2014

Six-am Confessions

Do you know what kills you?—Confessions done at 6:00 am! When you cognize that it will never be the same, When you're mindful of the fact that you're turning over everything you hold either it be yourself, your so called dignity or that seat you entertain in a person's life and yet you are expiring to break up eventually.
You dare to say it all, you try your level best making all those confessions you have been carrying on for so long and they make you feel that you’ve failed to explain them the way this all has been eating you up. It kills you!

You're not killed by knives or the bullet shots, you're shot down by feelings, you're being killed by the words that comes out after the sheer silence. You're killed by pouring it all out and left with nothing to say. It kills you when the one who used to protect you walks away knowing that you're bare handed unable to protect yourself. You're killed by replacements. You are killed when you let the charm evaporate. You are killed when you are helpless. You are defeated by your own self when you apply everything you own to make them realize what you've been through but still passed on alone with ultimate melancholy.

What happens next? You lie down and see them standing everywhere in your life and you know that you stand nowhere in their life.. and then you begin losing your breaths when the individual you know becomes the person you used to know. You are being killed when you have to live with the invisible wounds-

I tell you, bullets don't kill you, it's the 6:00 am confessions.

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