Saturday, 13 September 2014

Silence Speaks.

Why did you take so long..?
“For what?”- He asked.

…umm for doing exactly what you are doing now.
(He felt, as if her lips have stretched a bit, maybe she was trying to smile with the sparkle in her eyes.)

Looking into her eyes, he asked;  “And what am I doing right now?”
You are touching my soul!

Am I?  He whispered.
She placed her head on his shoulder realizing that she is giving up on all the controls she’ve been holding for so long now because her claim to be a strong indifferent creature seems to be a fantasy, when, in fact she was nothing but a fragile woman.

Closing his eyes, as he runs his fingers through his hair he knew that he’s going to save her; “There is no reason to be surprised, that’s the way it is supposed to be and that’s what all mattered, hmm?”

And they look outside the window, it was raining!