Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Chussarh Ultimate Monkey

Before this year leaves me with some unforgettable tales, I want to thank this one person for a couple of reasons. Also, since I’ll be busy giving exams when we will be having yet another year of thiz strong bond mashaAllah, hence consider it the gift for monkey-anniversary. :’)

As long as I remember, I recall and I know I have abandoned two persons in my life. Abandoned is not the right word I’ve actually been dishonest. One is my mother and the other one is this person. Both of these times I’ve done something which if somebody has done to me I would have never forgiven that somebody. But fortunately, maaa tou maaa hoti hai laikin is spiritual father ney bhi isky sath kiye jany waly ‘gunnnah’ ko maaf diya although he has never stopped taunting me for that but I forgive him for he is such a monkey.

He is the man in my life who has taught me how a JAaVVaaaN mard & aurat can be two ‘non-civilized’- crazy-abnormal and closest friends without having any feeshy feelings for each other. (since I know I’m khoobsorat tareen aurat, tou I doubt you feel for me so very much laikin meri taraf se NAAA hai bhai) *You cannot shoot me for this before knowing my see ess result :’D
Jokes apart, from uncountable conversations this is one line which I can never forget; ‘I know the difference between behan & bitch, I can flirt with every girl around but not you, never!’
This says it all and he has proved, NEVER by his words, but by actions, the respect he holds for me.  I cannot begin to thank him for that.

We are not like the love birds not even the best friends never been like bhai behan but this is the monkey bond that we have been sharing for quite some time now. Distance, time, disputes, space, silence, notheeng has affected it, mashaAllah.

I never knew years back kay a chussarh like you would turn out to be such a monkey friend. Either it be writing me the trial article & finding me a job or writing me the resignation letter afterwards. It’s about helping me with my assignments or with my social activities- Either, it was listening to the shakuntala and lcwu stories or making me a true Insafian (yes, he is the man behind my love for Khan sb). Either it’s listening to my bakwass and ronay when everybody else would seem tired of them or just giving me a shut up call when I show oversensitivity and emotions over trivial matters. Either, it’s understanding the harassment issues and coming up with fatherly advices or abusing the tweeps to defend me. There is so much that I cannot mention here and I simply don’t want to (nazar lg jani, aweeen.)

I peeeyaaaar you in a zillion, billion, million ways that you still have to discover and you have got such a short life for that, and oh well I own you in a trillion ways and you know that very well. I peeeyaaaar you way too much for hating the people I hate and understanding the fact kay you will never marry Islamabad ki larki :D  Yes, yes yes you should thank me for I also owe you a gazillion hookups with a gazillion super cool kareena like babies including shamoooo who are going to make your life worth living (in your dreams, obviously).

Despite of having one million one thousand and twenty two fights you have never given up on me. All credit goes to you. You know how to deal with my wehshi state, you are too good at it now :D *cracks me up :D

Chussarh you’re an amazing person just the way you are, never change! (this is for the first time im telling you, over honey ki zaroorat nahe.)
Since uncle aunty are there now, so I am looking forward to see my ‘baji’ sitting by your side sooner than soon, get your ass back to the country foraaaan after that, so like I said earlier nikkah kay laduu sath khayeen gey.

Tery baachon ko bathroom mei band ker kay Draney kay mery khuwab tu jaldi porey kery ga I trust you on theez and baji ko tery khilaf bharkany ki meri sazissssh Hamesha kamyab rahy gi you can trust me on this one.
Can’t wait to see you and tell you for 99th time that how bad it feels to be hated by him. I know you will explain him that how bad I feel to be hated by him, Pakistaaaan aur meri ‘self-created problems’ pukarteeeeeeeey hain KABIRAAA jaldi se tu aja aja aja.ajaaa :’D

Since you know the answer for ‘Maha, why you do this!?’ touuuuuuuuuuuuu you should get me the suitcase of chocolates soon now because I’m a berozgaaaaar bechari aurat being hated by the love of my life! (no, you can’t shoot me this soon.) <3
Japhieeeeeeeee for knowing my ugliest sides and still choosing to stand beside me as my firm and chussarh support!

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