Sunday, 25 October 2015

October Twenty Fifteen

I never found myself scared of anything but October 2015 before I knew that it will going to be the life-changing month for me in a happy way.

This is something I wrote three years back, to the person who is very close to my heart. Today, I know, how does it feel when each every teeny bit of it turns into reality. I believe no other words would do justice to explain how it feels to live on cloud nine for straight 26 days!

"There are times when you feel you are the most blessed person, the happiest on earth. It's when you are so filled and complete. Your brain, floating in happy hormones. Your heart, weightless. You are sure there's nothing in the world left you'd want to wish for. No exaggeration! It's when you feel so scared at the same time too, for losing what you have at hand. You just wish to hold on to all those reasons, which brought you to this state of ecstasy, forever...... "

Thenk You isn't enough for turning the biggest failure of life into the most beautiful happening, but its all I can say, Thenk You October 2015!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Your Eyes Are My Fantasies

Safe in those arms, close to the heart, when just a single glance hypnotizes you & you know where your heart longs to be. Holding them hands, hearing the breaths, when the gentle glow surprises you with the warmth, and you know, you cannot be any safer. Listening them beats, having the butterflies, when the spark of them takes you to another world & you know that there is nothing more beautiful than this.

…Forgetting your existence, believing in fairy tales, when their charm makes you forget all the worries that is when you know that lying under the shinning blue sky surrounded by the echoes of mountains is no more a fantasy but to own them eyes is actually the wildest fantasy you have ever had.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The sixteenth letter!

Never knew that I would ever write a letter to you. I wrote 15 of them to my previous employer. The first time I came to know who you are and to whom you belong to I got all teary. The more I was reading, the more tears were flowing down the cheeks. I was wishing that day to come to you and hug you for who you are but then Uzair stopped me. I started admiring you as a woman, as a mother as a wife and as a person. I have been secretly calling you my mentor, interestingly enough I don’t even know you in person but as much as I know about you, it is enough for me to idealize you.
You’re the only person, I repeat, only person about whom I’ve never heard any negative remarks from anyone around which explains itself that you’re an amazingly beautiful creature inside out. Your positive vibes have given me motivation to do better and to stay at SOS.
I don’t know what to say and how to put it in a better way but you’ll be terribly missed. I really do hate good-byes and overly charged sensitivity but all I could say is you’re genuinely beautiful on the inside as drop dead gorgeous you’re on the outside. I wish and pray that you’ll get everything that you desire for.  Thank you for being supportive, thank you for being who you are and thank you for being a listening ear!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Wildest Fantasies Sacred Dreams & Unrealistic Happenings~Reality!

I can’t believe this, she chanted. You can’t believe what? He asked with wonder. This is happening, she replied. His eyes were staring her blushed face—Holding the fingers she loves the most, riding on them roads she witnessed the most beautiful sunset of her life!