Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Invisible care & Protection

"I can sense some tension at the back of that head..."

These eleven words sounded to her much more magical than those three words.

Monday, 2 May 2016

The point in life which completes you and your desires.

Who would have thought that there comes a point in life when you feel complete. After all the turmoil, miseries, sufferings who would have imagined to touch the happiest moments in life. But, that’s how life turns the pages and there comes a point.. A point…When you no longer desire for absolutely anything in life. When you finally know the difference between feeling happy and feeling whole. When you feel yourself floating in happy hormones like the light weight dandelion pollen flower. When things happened exactly like what you have planned. When you live the fantasies exactly how you have imagined. When you laugh abruptly and smile frequently. When the mirror witnesses you shinning eyes everyday. When you stop complaining. When there's a full stop to your demands. When ecstasy lasts longer than you have expected. When you are being treated the way you always wanted. Yes, this is the point when you are not alone living on cloud ninth and flying to the seventh sky! 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

For Them, Its A Failure. For Her, Fantasies Fulfilled.

Social media was full of those who got their final allocation in the civil services exam for 2015. After congratulating a few of them, the one who flunked, secretly cried and that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, once again, went unnoticed.

....a while later an inner voice asked; Name a fantasy that is left unnoticed? Name a single utmost desire that is not fulfilled? Would you be able to get what you have now if you're among the successful candidates today?
Goosebumps replied; Hell no!

Once again the failure was secretly enjoyed by every teeny bit of her existence.   

Sunday, 3 April 2016

It's too late to realize

He eventually hit the final attacks to break it into little pieces, abruptly laughing he enjoyed his triumph and repeated her line:

"It would be a privilege to get my heart broken by you.."

....she, who lost every battle at that moment, heard one of the pieces whispering to her:  "Wish you've never said that.."

Saturday, 16 January 2016

She remained quiet!

She remained quiet. If truth be told, she started trying to uncover different perspectives in hope to find a way which hurt a bit less. The reality was harsh; she herself was to be blamed. Nobody was able to help. She can’t put the blame. Hence, she didn’t even once try to explain and complain that her pride and dignity has damaged today. She did not let her actions show that nobody has ever made her feel this bad about herself but today. In fact, she tried to become louder the whole day so that they won’t get the clue that she's hurt and it’s not about over sensitivity, it is something which cannot be put into words.

Sometimes, silence is actually the best answer to the uncontrollable, so she remained quiet!