Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Replacements~Salt to our wounds.

Since my birth I’ve been living with these small emotional impulses which are at times quite weird. People around me on the other hand barely even recognize these little impulses as emotions, but to be honest that is what they are. One of these tiny emotions, the feeling of being attached leading towards twinges of attraction and then petty annoyance, is quite witty even to my own self.
Sometimes when you suppress your emotions, it explodes your face, making you fragile, that is when I want to ask, ITNI KOJI HORAE HO KISI SE HATE HOGAYA HAI KYA? #JustSomePakistaniAds

But what happens when you keep telling exactly what you are feeling? Once you're done telling that you'll be there always because they've won it all you're going to get is a replacement. It happens so fast. In a spur of a moment, best friends become strangers.

And it just happened. This isn’t something you can wrap, throw away in the garbage, wear your slippers and walk over it. This is not even bilawal’s urdu that you laugh over it and say ‘ignorance is a bliss’.  This..is..REAL as much as your existence. Why do they play on broken strings when all they are going to do is to leave you with your insecurities and questions? Why charm gets evaporated? Why words lost their meanings? Why you lost the interest? WHAT EXACTLY DID HAPPEN? Nobody can answer that, but the one who knows it.
Till when these mood swings, sensitivity and immaturity will not get a kind protection. They say be original, get real, and then why being real always take them away. Why pretense and hypocrisy wins?

I really have not learned anything, have I?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dear Men act like a MAN!

And Then #SunandaPushkar!! 

This is exactly what I've heard in a 9 p.m news bulletin and it just remind me how the 9 p.m news bulletin used to be on #Ptv back in time. Irony is that’s what our society is experiencing and living in. If God has made you a human being and a #MAN then act like one because munh tou dawgies bhi martey hain either it be for #bitches or for #bones. We must self evaluate our-self because no one else is more sincere & truthful to us than our own self, obviously after our creator. No one else would better tell us that where we went wrong.
There are people who, if you try to approach them with concerns, throw such a tantrum that you drop the subject. And then silence ensues. Although I’ve tried to never remain silent when its most needed still I know that silence is the best policy at times. I’ve been with people who made me feel like the luckiest girl and then they ignored/stayed silent for no apparent reasons as if I didn’t even exist. These people appeared to me some of the cruelest most hurtful people in my world. I’ve lost my originality in finding the reasons for facing such ignorant behaviors.I do not understand why people blame creatures like me for being oversensitive, emotional and sentimental. I mean what’s wrong in it? I’ve spent my life apologizing for being an emotional freak till date. To be honest it is very stressful to be constantly at war with certain parts of your life. Telling yourself again and again that you got a raw deal because the other person does not love/demand you the way you want to be loved and needed. But now I think its just about the time when I should better stop this practice and just try to be ‘me’—no matter if I’m the most messed-up creature alive on planet earth!
Insecurities, passiveness and jealousy for a person who has a special place in your life is quite natural and there is nothing wrong in it, only if it’s within limits of normality. Being a woman I know sometimes all we need is to be needed. All we want is someone to be around and sometimes all a woman wants is to own someone. Way too much to ask for? I guess it is. But it’s not when you’re in a relationship ~When you have your wife at home waiting for you. I might be fantasizing things here but that’s true and natural because if it’s not then Sunanda wouldn’t have done it. 
The world we live in is a scary place because of our leaders have put so much stress and fear on all of us to the point that so many people have become selfish only thinking about themselves. This has put such a strain on human love bonds and continues to strangle the beautiful life out of us all. We just have to recognize what is happening and rise above it. Value your relations, be it a friend, sibling or parents. Look around and see who has been waiting for quite a while now, to get your attention. Let us change our priorities from this very moment, face our fears and be good to ourselves.  In the end, ‘Dear men, act like a MAN.’  Kyunkay  munh tou dawgies bhi martey hain!!