Wednesday, 26 August 2015

From Maryam To Maryam

Okay so.. The name due to which I had to resign from my work place, my first work place—the romance, the first love of my life! The name due to which the one of the most beautiful chapters of my life came to a terrible end (& btw I still believe the chapter was that beautiful). The name, due to which all the hopelessness, hollowness, melancholy and disappointment came into my life, majestically turned into the name, which is a life savior now—Maryam!

I used to hate a person literally HATE that person named as Maryam. Interestingly enough when I joined my current organization the first person our national director introduced to me was unfortunately or probably perhaps fortunately, of the same name—Maryam! I didn’t have the slightest hint at that time that she’ll make me forget all the darkest aspects of life.

Okay without wasting time, let me roll some clich├ęd stuff. The first time I saw her I was like what the……. I hated myself, I hated everything else, I hated her like anything. I was questioning myself, Maryam, once again Maryam eh? Seriously, seeeeeeeriously? Err. I told myself that I’ll back off and leave this place because I have had Maryam phobia.

Within less than an hour, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING, “LESS THAN AN HOUR” we were close friends so much so that some businesswoman came to visit the department and asked for how long we know each other? and we were like since an hour, we suppose. Her facial expressions were exceptional to know that. :D

And then the very next day Maryam was my best friend. She majorly owes this world an explanation for being the cutest-lamest creature. Starting from paws to cat fights. Heart to heart sessions to some serious discussions. And how can I forget the laughter attacks and SARHI BANDHNY kay new tutorial like every other day.

The movie dates, the hunger fights, the highly illogical and dumb explanations to serious shits—I mean as if she is the prism in my life to act as a spectrum, spreading the colors all around me. WOOOOT AN EXAMPLE MAYAM!

She made me forget all my regrets and bad happenings. I wasn’t aware that she’s that special to me until that day. THAT DAY. I am going to cherish that for the rest of my life. She actually made me feel fly high above the skies. I feel myself now a teenager writing my best friend’s essay but this is how it goes.

I used to doubt if I would ever be able to write something for someone with all my heart and sincerity, but she’s magical man. Here I am telling the world that this woman is incredibly beautiful :D

I can't even begin to explain how much I value and cherish her presence in my life. Each. Every. Teeny. Bit. Maryam took everything away and she being MARYAM as well brought that back adding much more to it.

To the countless boooooootiessssss waly high-fives, my stuffed turkeys, amazing happening, gut cracking laughters and many more joys to come our way, I want to thank you for turning all the bads into goods, being my highs where were lows and for turning blues into glows. Thank you for being there, thank you for bearing the tears! You be everything to my survival, my reason to stay, to smile and to laugh like retards from nine to five. *paaaaaaaaaaaw*

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Girl Whose Efforts Remained Unnoticed

She was the woman of her words. Once said, consider it done. Egoistic nerd with dirty anger. People used to get disappointed after challenging her. She was the laughing stock for everyone. Never compromising on the self-respect, she has beautifully managed to gather a pampering crew around her. Attention seeker, drama queen, magnet to troubles, machine for mood swings and what not. She was important, she was self-obsessed, a shinning diamond—A narcissist!

…& now the one who once was the woman of her words looks at the moon sometimes in the middle of the night and secretly asks the silver lining, what next!?