Thursday, 31 December 2015

Good-Bye 2015

This year was the best year of my life. I repeat the best year of my entire life. This year made me say that I do not have even a single fantasy that was left unfulfilled. I tasted the joys of unlimited laughter and experienced the pleasures of the most beautiful sunsets. I learned to act to situations which were absolutely uncontrollable and I have been taught how to adjust out of my comfort zones. I faced the biggest failure of my life and experienced the embarrassment for disappointing my loved ones.
 I deliberately put myself into the situations where I found myself helplessly hopeless and I successfully reached to the point where I saw no way out other then talking to Him and seeking help. Needless to say, I found my lord the most merciful and forgiving. Besides disobeying him in every possible way, He has blessed me with countless blessings. I have been told again and again that I am immature, I am impatient, I am childish and I am a major drama queen but He says I love you 70 times more than your amma does. He accepts me the way I am and He keeps blessing me every day. I cannot even begin to thank Him for His mercy on me.
We believe that this era of technology and digital evolution has made exposure to sins quite easy, so much, so that it is nearer to impossible to stay away from 'under the cover sins.’
 Everything has two aspects if technology has given access to pornography and such stuff then we do have lectures from Noman Ali khan to watch and content from Yasmeen Mogheed to read (for example). Therefore, it is very important to realize and learn to utilize our time the right way. No wonder, it is difficult to realize things sooner rather than later and it cannot be realized by reading this or hearing someone saying such stuff. People learn from experiences. Just like I did. Nevertheless, I still put the question here for all of us, when we are going to hold ourselves to a higher standard if not today.
If I am writing this that doesn’t mean that I am practicing myself to put to a higher standard or I am very sober or religious. I have made huge mistakes in my life particularly in this year.  I have done such shameless things this year that most of the people I know cannot even think of doing them. And I am mentioning it over here to highlight that don’t judge people and their faith. We don’t know what others are up to. He is the only one who knows what our hearts hold.
We are our worst critics and we should be.  Quite a bit of our life has passed already. Lets just make a dua at the start of this year that May Allah help us all to be a better human being a better Muslim and a better person for our parents, our society and for the one who is constantly watching us and forgiving us for our sins. May Allah forgive us for all our sins we have committed in the past and shower His blessings and Mercy upon us and our families. (Ameen)

As this year ends and a New Year rolls in, I wish all of you, your near and dear ones a very happy and prosperous New Year ahead. : )

Sunday, 20 December 2015

could it get more beautiful?

She combed his annoying puff with her fingers, while his stares kept warming up her face. It was the early December morning--who says December is a month of agony and depression?