Saturday, 16 February 2013

Life Cycle of man, eventually: Every soul shall taste death.

Every soul shall taste death. It is quite a natural phenomenon and every Muslim have got a firm believe in it. We, as a Muslim have never doubted on death. We live with the fact that our body will cease functioning and become innovative in its totality one day. We have to leave this world its glory's charms and -___ at the end of the day. Consequently, we can say that our life is a probation on this planet earth. Having said that, it is also important to understand the underlying meaning of it. Life indeed is a blessing of the Almighty. But it has been given to live it with a purpose—a purpose to bestow upon God—a purpose to worship Him and to thank Him for His blessings around us.

The life cycle of a man belonging to any religion revolves around a circle of 'creation-life-death-resurrection.' We believe it & yes we do. Either we are prepared to die or not we have to leave the world our relations our wealth, when it's time. But sometimes, it becomes really hard to understand this phenomenon of death and our creation on earth.

God keeps putting us in the examination throughout our life. Our faith has been tested through different phenomena—calamities, good things, relations, wealth! We have been put in such tests time to time and so often we don't even know it. One of the toughest exam of our life is this natural phenomenon—Death!
Death of someone close to us. Someone who has been just around us an hour before a day before or even a month before, he was talking, smiling, eating, walking. But suddenly 'death happens to him' and he's no more. All of a sudden we find him lying down with no feelings no movements no senses. What's this? This is death. Where he's gone? To his eternal place. What will happen to him now? Allah will reward him for his good deeds. Nobody on earth knows what exactly is going to happen with a soul when a man leaves the world, at least not me. It will be a bliss or either a turmoil, I cannot even say that it can depend on a man's performance because I truly believe that HE IS AL-REHMAN and these four words are enough to understand His mercy upon us.

Last month my uncle passed away. And this was the very first time when ever seen a funeral and a dead body and that too of a very closed one. Before that I was the one claiming that ive never seen a cadaverous in real. I've never been to a funeral as I've found myself quite a weak personality when it comes to such big natural phenomena. I was in a state of shock I was not admitting the fact that he's gone.
   By the time when I was understanding this natural phenomenon that how death has taken him away in front of our eyes, my aunt passed away just after four days of his death. She died of the shock, she left because she has to go after her brother to prove her love for him. For a while, I've found myself questioning Almighty that why He is putting me to such tough exams when He knows that I cannot face it. But, then all of a sudden some internal voices start explaining the natural phenomenon of death. While I was sitting in front of her dead body flashbacks start coming periodically out of the blue and they keep making me understand that how it is. She was one of the most pious lady ive ever seen in my life. And that's why God has taken her away when she was doing wuzu. And just like Allah has promised that He will give reward for our good deeds, He has fulfilled it and blessed her with an eternal peace with dignity without making her feel a single pain not even a body ache.

And now when its been a month, I've found myself having a firm believe in this name of the Almighty which is pure and contains all the blessings in it—AL-REHMAN. And now what I think is that the life of a man has been just like this water drop which can fall down anytime and the rest remains the same. So, it's better to let your drop falls down with all its purity and sanity by obeying the orders of your Lord. In the end, lets just pray for all the souls that has passed away to their eternal place. May Allah ease their affairs, bless them with Jannah & guide us towards the right path to lead a pious and simple life. (Ameen)

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