Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Moving on with life...

They asked how long is forever? And the answer came; until they don’t find a replacement. Uh! People leave somehow. They HAVE to. Some get sick of you, and others just don't feel like you're worth it anymore. It does not matter if you’re unable to decide either those or you're the ‘too-much –to-handle’ material.
Honestly, it’s not only you, nobody likes feeling like an annoyance, a burden, or worse, an obligation that people have to be responsible for. It hurts and it really sucks having to scream out the things you've been keeping in yourself and yet you just can’t take them out. The hollowness in your heart, the tangled mess in your mind, the aching of your soul, the four am loneliness and what not, there is too much to explain but you can’t.

Therefore, when you’ve found your mind always been in a precarious state, when you start admitting the fact that nobody is strong enough to hold you for so long, when the feeling of melancholy takes over you, this is about the time when you’ve to put everything aside and take a deep breath to admit the harsh realities. You seriously have to stop hoping for anything because it's plain stupid as it will be going to disappoint you eventually. The fear of hiding in your "cozy" shell and as the phrase goes "build walls around you" convince you to find yourself and that lost trust once again. You’ve to start living before you go to a stage where you are beyond redemption. You’ve to get in friends with the creature inside you who’s tired of deceiving, lies and the inside battles. You’ve to make your friend sleep. You just have to!

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